Below are the current operating committees of the church. Feel free to email any of these committees regarding church business.

Get involved! If you’d like to volunteer your time and expertise to church programs or operational initiatives, please contact the committee chair at the email provided.

Advocacy  /
Chair:  Dave Schreck
Function:  Facilitates the communication process and to mediate as needed between the Member(s) and the Board of Trustees and/or Pastor.
Closed to new members.

Buildings & Maintenance / Landscaping /
Chair:  Dave Schreck
Function:  Manages the facility, including preventive maintenance, repairs and improvements to the church and grounds. Includes Landscaping Subcommittee.
Closed to new members.

Communications Committee /
Chair:  Dan Boylan
Function:  Coordinates communications & media on the website, in church newsletters, bulletins, email lists.
Open to new members with advertising experience. Contact co-chairs. 

Education Department /
Chair:  Jason McCuish
Purpose:  Develops curricula and establishes policy and procedures regarding education programs.
Members appointed by Pastor. 

Fundraising Committee  /
Chair:  Shana Ross
Function:  Plans and executes fundraising activities and events to support the operations of the church.
Open to new members.

Hospitality Committee /
Chair:  Rosemarie Tenaglia
Function:  Oversees kitchen operations, supplies and staffing for weekly fellowship and for events as needed.
Open to new members.

Sunshine Committee /
Chair:  Ruth Adams
Function:  Sends get-well and sympathy cards to members.
Open to new members.