Our Commissioned Healers

Hands-on-Healing is an integral part of every Sunday Service. Our healers complete an Healing Curriculum, which includes classroom and experiential energy-healing training in the church, primarily during the Sunday Healing Service.

Many of our healers have backgrounds in other forms of energy healing such as Reiki, Polarity, and Healing Touch, as well as in traditional physical and emotional healing practices.

The Swampscott Church of Spiritualism Commissioned Healers are:

Ruth Adams

Vella Akyolcu

Bill Arrigal

Maura Beattie

Marci Benson

Gurdeep Bhogal

Amanda Brawley

Annina Butler

April Codair

Mia Corinha

Denise Delaney

Barbara Ducharme

Laura Dominick

Barbara Farewell

Richie Farrell

Robin Gillette

Loretta Gorski

Julie Griffin

Diane Hansen

Tony Hart

Judy Jackson

Karen Jellison

Judy Kelley

Pam Knight

Elaine LaMacchia

Fred MacDonald

Cathy McIntyre

Karl Melanson

Adrienne O’Keefe

Ruth Penta-Steele

Julie Picardi

Donna Ratte

Mike Ratte

Marily Regan

Rev. Leo Rogers

Shana Ross

Dave Schreck

Lissa Stuart

Bob Talbot

Rosemarie Tenaglia

Karen Thrasher

Kelly Trecartin