StainedGlass_Truth_165w_L1useBecause the education of our members and the public is important to the work and understanding of the philosophy, religion and science of Spiritualism, the main objective of the Education Department can best be understood below.

Mission Statement of the Education Department
The educational mission of the church is to educate, foster and inform its membership and the larger community about Spiritualism as a philosophy, science and religion.  All individuals who are educated within the church will demonstrate, with integrity and knowledge, our guiding Principles. They will also develop a good understanding of the continuity of life after death. the Natural Laws of the Universe, Spirit communication and energy healing.

Educational Programs
Our educational curriculum has been developed with these goals in mind:

1. To provide a foundation in Spiritualism, so that our members are knowledgeable and can help inform those new to the Spiritualism.

2. To provide a forum for the exploration of a broad range of spiritual topics. We are a population of spiritual seekers, and regularly provide workshops and lectures that inspire and prompt discussion benefits us all.

3. To develop the gifts of healing and mediumship among those members who are interested in pursuing these paths. Through directed study programs, the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism will certify those students who have, with due diligence, met the competencies required to be a Certified Spiritualist Medium, a Certified Spiritualist Healer and/or an Ordained Minister.

As you browse our Education Curriculum, please feel free to ask questions in the comments box below, or email the Department.  We look forward to seeing you in a class or workshop!