Hands on Healing

Healing is an important dimension of our religion.  We accept the healing power of God as the ultimate healing force.  While we recognize the importance and value of medical treatment and other health care services, we believe that the most effective healing benefits are derived from combined spiritual and physical inputs.  The Prayer for Spiritual Healing reflects our philosophy.

At our Sunday services, you can expect to see hands-on-healing take place.  Our healers stand behind designated healing chairs and offer their services as channels for Divine healing energy by placing their hands on the sitter’s head and shoulders. Our healers are trained to be clear vehicles to facilitate the perfect transfer of Diving healing energy directly to you, the sitter. By sitting in one of the chairs offered, you can experience the relaxing healing energy flow through you.

Often, those who experience hands-on-healing come away feeling more calm, relaxed, and revitalized.  Many speak about the sensations they felt during the healing experience, for example, sensations of heat and/or the positive and uplifting change in their energy.  The healing experience is very unique to the individual—as we are all unique in our physical and emotional healing needs.

It is said that while many come to our church drawn initially by the prospect of Spirit communication from Loved Ones in Spirit, they continue to come for the beautiful healing! We welcome you to come and sit in one of our healing chairs and partake in the beautiful healing energy of our healing service.