Meet our Members!

Our members are self-proclaimed seekers of truth. They come to our church from all walks of life and religions with an open heart and an open mind. Our members delight in new knowledge, exploratory conversation, and sharing their gifts with the community.

Meet a few of them!

Cathy -- Teacher and Guide

Cathy — Teacher and Guide

Cathy McIntyre—”The Wise Elder”

A lifetime member, Cathy McIntyre has been a member of the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism since 1980. Her gentle wisdom, sound advice, and unwavering commitment has played a significant role in the vitality and growth of the church through the last thirty three years.

Cathy, you’re a true blessing to us all!

Reverend Emeritus Leo Rogers

Rev. Leo Rogers

Rev. Leo Rogers, Pastor Emeritus—Teacher, musician, inspiration

Reverend Leo has been a  Spiritualist since 1974, when he first became involved with the Salem Spiritualist Church. Then in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s, Leo began playing flute at the Wednesday Summer Healing Service at SCOS.  Leo then joined the Greater Boston Church in its 1st year until 1995, when he was invited to serve as our Pastor, which he did from 1995 until 2006.  Rev. Leo returned to our church in 2013, and blesses us during Sunday service with his magical flute music.

When asked what spiritual advice he’d like to impart, Leo’s response was simple:

“Follow the energy.”

We will indeed, Rev. Leo. Thank you for your love, your music, your presence.

Marilyn - Certified Medium

Marilyn – Certified Medium

Marilyn Regan—One of our evidential mediums

A member of the church since 2002, Marilyn has been a student of mediumship for over ten years, and is one of our recently certified mediums. Healing is a passion of Marilyn’s. She is also a Reiki II practitioner, and a certified hypnotherapist. Come see her share her gift of evidential mediumship!

“Spiritualism not only provides proof of our existence beyond the physical realm, but it also teaches us that we alone are responsible for our spirituality and happiness in life.  Though this may seem a burden, it is empowering and provided me with a basis for self-discovery and my own spiritual development.”


Karl - The Music Director

Karl – The Music Director

Karl Melanson – Music Director, Lifetime Member

Every Sunday in services, Karl’s rich baritone voice soothes and heals, uplifts and enlivens—how blessed are we that he shares such a gift!

“Everyone needs healing, and to me Spiritualism is about healing, whether, by means of Spirit Communication, it’s the healing of a broken heart or of grief, or, by the Laying on of Hands, a healing of bodily or emotional ills. The music I make is intended to be an invocation or invitation to Spirit and an ambiance for the congregation to feel receptive. Anyone who seeks a healing always gets one—including me—every Sunday.”

Barbara (left) and April (right) -- Healers!

Barbara (left) and April (right) — Healers!

April Codair—Healer

Sit in April’s healing chair on a Sunday morning, and you’ll long remember her lovely healing energy. A Reiki Master by training, April brings her generous gift to share with the congregation.  April also manages our active email healing and prayer chain.

“Eight years ago after witnessing a mediumship demonstration with our now Pastor, I experienced a profound spiritual healing that changed my life. I became curious and took a number of mediumship, healing, and spiritual development classes at the church. I learned so much about myself, formed amazing friendships and found a new spiritual family. I wanted to share the peace I found through Spiritualism and discovered that we all have the power to help one another heal by allowing Spirit to work through us. We need only to step aside and trust the love of Spirit for each one of us, and do our best to hold that loving space for one another.”