Mediumship Certification


An SCOS Certified Spiritualist Medium is:
An individual who has been educated in mediumship in whole or in part at the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism, and certified as a Spiritualist medium by SCOS. This individual will have met all requirements as set forth at the time of certification, and will, at minimum, be capable of:

  • Conducting a Spiritualist church service, whether at SCOS or another Spiritualist church, and offering an inspirational lecture, performing evidential platform-style messagework/mediumship, and leading closing prayers.
  • Providing mediumship demonstrations and private readings at church festivals, Medium’s Night, and other events.
  • Teaching classes in mediumship, platform decorum, philosophy and others as needed.
  • Facilitating platform practice.

What is the goal of becoming an SCOS Certified Spiritualist Medium?
The goal of becoming an SCOS Certified Spiritualist Medium is to be a missionary for Spirit, bringing the message of the continuity of life to all who seek it, and to promote the philosophy, science and religion of Spiritualism at SCOS and other churches as sought. We are not evangelists, but rather respond to the interests of those who seek.

Requirements for Certification
SCOS Certified Spiritualist Mediums are known for their consistent, accurate, and compassionate evidential mediumship. They are able to demonstrate the continuity of life from the platform—sometimes for more than an hour at a time.

SCOS Certified Spiritualist Mediums are able to further enlighten congregants about Spiritualism, its philosophy and history in the church lectures they present.

Process for Obtaining Certification
Certification for mediumship includes both subjective and objective criteria. Not every student of mediumship will be ready to pursue certification at the same time—the unfoldment process is highly individualized.  There is no “checklist” of items to be completed. Rather, there is a curriculum to complete and milestones to achieve; and throughout the process and at each stage, the individual must prove competence.

Coursework as defined by the SCOS Education Department for mediumship students should be underway, and individuals who wish to pursue certification should consider:

  1. Their own personal and spiritual goals and objectives.
  2. What they hope to accomplish as certified spiritualist mediums.
  3. Why they think they can contribute actively to the promotion of Spiritualism both within and outside of the church,
  4. That, as certified mediums, they will be considered representatives of SCOS and of Spiritualism, and as such will be expected to serve the Spiritualist community as a whole.

After careful consideration of the above, interested individuals should declare their intention by letter to the Certification Committee. The Certification Committee will meet with the individual and outline a roadmap leading to eventual certification. Any known areas of improvement will be addressed to give the individual the best chance at achieving certification.


In order to begin the program of studies toward becoming an SCOS Certified Medium, the individual must be an active member of the church in good standing.

Curriculum Overview
The mediumship certification curriculum will include the following components. The length and amount of the training and experiential learning is highly individualist, as each student of mediumship unfolds at his or her own pace. Successful completion of each class level  and movement to the next level is contingent upon instructor approval.

  • Classes will cover the history of Spiritualism, foundations and fundamentals of mediumship, the body’s energy system, psychic vs mediumistic communication, the study of symbology, message protocols and decorum for circle, private readings and platform, and much more.
  • Experiential components such as development circle, platform practice, offering private readings at the church’s Mediums Night and annual spring and fall festivals, or platform work at public demonstrations.
  • Church services: initially offering several Spirit messages during “Worker Services” and eventually leading to providing church service lecture, platform messagework and benediction. These services will be scheduled at SCOS and at other local Spiritualist churches.
  • Test Service for Certification will be determined when the student is deemed ready by the instructors.

 If you have questions regarding the program, please contact the Education Department.