Spirit Communication

Communicating with the spirit world is an integral part of Spiritualism.  This communication is accomplished through the instrumentality of a Medium.  A Medium is one who connects with the Spirit World and relays information from the spirit to the individual receiving the reading.  The Medium is an intermediary between both worlds.  Mediumship is a three-way communication process involving the Medium, the spirit, and the individual receiving the reading.  An open mind and an open heart is required on the part of all three for communication.  The spirit entities will provide the evidence that their lives have continued after the transition we call death.

A Psychic works with the energy available on the earth plane.  Specifically, a Psychic works with the information stored in our personal energy field, also known as the aura.  We store information about our past and present, our spiritual, physical, and emotional joys and sorrows, achievements and losses, desires and disappointments.  A Psychic senses this information and interprets for us.

When a Medium or Psychic speak of the future, they are predicting a possibility that certain things could manifest based on the energy of the present.  It is not an exact science.  Time and space do not influence the psychic or spiritual energies.  These energies always exist in the present moment.  It is nearly impossible to reliably translate timelessness and spacelessness into the time/space continuum in which our outer conscious mind operates.  The main reason that predicted events don’t happen is the fact that we change our minds about them.  We attract or repel the energy to make changes in our lives depending on our desire to embrace or reject change.  It is a subtle process.