Becoming a Member

SunflowerGarden_L1use_165wThinking about joining the church?

We welcome new members to the SCOS, and we hope that those who find comfort in our weekly services, and enjoy the fellowship and community we offer, consider becoming full members.  Before taking the step to join our church, however, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, it is important for all potential members to understand what Spiritualism is and is not. In short, Spiritualism is a philosophy, a science and a religion. As Spiritualists, we do not believe in a religious dogma or creed. Rather, our belief system is affirmed by a set of Principles.

Therefore, prior to membership, we ask that each prospective member join one of our many Philosophy of Spiritualism classes offered at intervals throughout the year. In this pre-membership introductory course, the Principles will be presented and discussed in full, so that you may determine for yourself whether they align with your own spiritual belief system. An overview of the history, philosophy, science and religion of Spiritualism will also be provided.

This course is offered on pre-determined Sundays following church service. After participation in our introductory course, should you decide to join our church, there is a simple membership application to complete (see below). Annual membership dues are $50.

In addition to joining a vibrant and curious community of seekers,  we offer many member benefits such as discounts on classes, events and workshops.

If you have any further questions regarding membership, please feel free to contact us or comment on the page below.

Click to download the SCOS new member application