Trance Healing with Gurdeep – Dec 9th

Join SCOS on Friday, December 9th, for a Trance Healing Séance with certified medium, Gurdeep Bhogal, in person. Gurdeep uses breath and music to alter her state of consciousness so that a deep blend with her spirit guides and guardians can occur. In this deep trance mediumistic connection, Gurdeep brings forward intensified healing energy, direct from spirit. Gurdeep’s spirit team includes healing guides who focus on different aspects of healing: physical, emotional and spiritual. Her spirit team uses the ancient Indian yogic mudras (hand gestures to focus and direct the healing energy).  On occasion, spirit may use Gurdeep’s voice-box to bring forth philosophy, inspiration and guidance.

You may experience a variety of things as a participant in the séance. You may feel physical sensations in your own body, some feel heat, coolness or tingling. You may feel the atmosphere in your space change: the air could become dense, you might feel heaviness in the body or a mild trance-like state. Healing activation always takes place, and upliftment and awakening can also occur. This is a truly unique experience which hi-lights the power of spirit, and the healing aspects of mediumship.

When: Friday, December 9th

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Where: SCOS, 59 Burrill St, Swampscott

Cost: $25 members/$35 non-members

Register: Payment for this event automatically registers you at the same time.  Payment can be made online here or by mailing a check to the church (If you pay by check please leave a message on the church voicemail, 781-595-6972, to ensure we know).

*Please note, Gurdeep is not a medical professional and signing up to this event does not guarantee that an ailment will be healed. By signing up for this event you give your consent to take part and waive liability on the part of Gurdeep Bhogal and SCOS.

Gurdeep Bhogal is a full-time holistic practitioner, and proprietress of Parinama Transformative Healing Arts based in Marblehead MA. She is a certified medium, trance medium & healer, Usui reiki master teacher and yoga & meditation teacher. Gurdeep was raised as a Sikh and describes herself as an Invoker of the Goddess. She draws deeply upon her Indian heritage, yogic philosophy and ancestral traditions in her work. Gurdeep serves on the pastoral team at the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism.