Mediumship Courses Starting in Sept

Mediumship Courses

Sept 2022

The Education Department of the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism is pleased to offer the following courses for the development and continued education of our members and friends.

Registration: Payment for these courses automatically registers you at the same time.  Payment can be made online here or by mailing a check to the church (Due to Covid, if you pay by check please leave a message on the church voicemail, 781-595-6972, to ensure we know).  Registrants will be emailed the zoom link for the course a couple of days before the course starts.

**If you have an extenuating financial situation, we do not want you to be excluded. Please email if you’d like to participate but cannot financially afford the class.

Intermediate Mediumship Circle
This course is designed to expand the abilities you have acquired in previous classes. This will be a 1:1 reading class. We will refresh on the basics and structure we learned and we will include, at the end, 30 minute readings.

Pre-requisite:  Mediumship I and II

Instructor:  Shana Ross (CSM)

Cost:  $75 members/$100 non-members

Time:  Thursdays from 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Dates:  Sept 15th – Oct 20th

Future Workers Circle
This course is designed for mediums who are looking to continue their growth and development.  With a focus on public presentation and platform decorum, students will engage in activities and circle work to further develop their evidential mediumship.

Pre-requisite:  Mediumship I, II, Intermediate, and pastor approval

Instructor:  Shana Ross (CSM)

Cost:  $75 members/$100 non-members

Time:  Tuesdays from 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Dates:  Sept 13th – Oct 25th (taking off Sep 20th)