From Our Pastor – May 3rd

May 3, 2020

To the Members and Friends of the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism:

This week I was inspired by a message I received from today’s lecturer, Julie Picardi. She sent me an image of meditations written by her twin sons, Jack and Jake, to help them get grounded and connected. While I read what each of the boys wrote, my heart melted and smiled at the same time. It was so great to see children with a strong grasp of their spiritual understanding. Moreover, I loved that they were using things from nature that are important to them to explore that understanding.

While we continue to endure our own isolation, I would like to challenge you to remember that although we might not have our spiritual building open to provide us inspiration, there is plenty around to inspire us. Try not to let your spirit get bogged down by facts, figures, and news (real and imagined). In fact, a simple drive by the church and witnessing the beauty of the garden that Dave Schreck continues to care for can provide a moment of joy and inspiration! Maybe it’s sitting in the sun and absorbing the energy, or a brisk walk into nature by taking a short hike on a trail. Jake and Jack find their inspiration in trees!

While you continuously seek inspiration, just know that the thoughts of your church friends and family are with you and your loved ones at this time. I would like to share my inspiration from the week with you, today, by featuring two special guests for meditation! Starring in their church debut, Jack and Jake’s meditations can be found on our members’ page!  I know you will enjoy!

With love and light,

Rev. Jason