From Our Pastor – April 12

April 12, 2020

To the Members and Friends of the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism:

This morning, I would like to begin with a prayer on observation of this holy time of the year.

Dear God and Infinite Spirit:

We thank you with grateful hearts and souls for the gift of Easter and the knowledge that we hold as Spiritualists – Life is continuous. As we come together remotely, this Easter, we are grateful for our own personal resurrection. We are grateful for the gift of the resurrection of Master teacher, Jesus Christ, his teachings while on Earth and the beauty his story offers us. Grant that the tomb of his Spiritual Enlightenment open all of us to that feeling of Glory with Angelic hands and that after the trials and challenges of our daily life, we emerge into the sunshine as souls arisen from the experiences of our daily life.

Infinite Spirit, grant that the strength and wisdom may be given to us to roll back the stone from the tomb of others, so that they may enter into the joy of Spirit and the recognition of the real self bearing witness to the truth that all who seek shall find, and all who strive will emerge into better and purer things. Infinite Spirit, we love you and thank you for this special day.

With love always,


As you know, this is a special time of year.  This is a time when we celebrate spring and the return of the flowers, plants and trees; we celebrate the return of the birds and color; and we celebrate Easter and Passover.  This holy time of year brings fresh ideas, new perspectives, and an appreciation of the birth and rebirth occurring around us.

This Easter Sunday, I ask you to think about how you might reinvigorate your Spirit. While we are in this continued holding pattern, I continue to think about how I might find newer inspiration, more meaningful ideas, and an empowered spiritual path. While we continue to practice our social distancing, I wanted to take the time to wish each and every one of you a special, blessed day. Please know, one day very soon we will all come together once again. Until then, stay well and keep the faith!


Rev. Jason