From our Pastor – Sun, 3/29

To the Members and Friends of the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism:

Good Morning Friends! Make no mistake, I miss each of you and the beautiful connection that we share. Although we aren’t able to meet each other in person, I send you my loving energy, healing and light. I ask that you do the same for others you love and care for.

In the days ahead, I call for you to cultivate your conviction. There’s no surprise that the rose has ridges; the Sunflower turns to the Sun to shine; the succulent succeeds in solace; and the crocus conquests through concrete.  These flowers are no more an integral piece of Natural Law than each and every one of us. Nature shows us that we, too, can and will persevere through these ponderous times. I ask that you allow your faith to foster as you find your way to fulfill an understanding of two of Spiritualism’s founding Principles: “We believe that the phenomena of Nature, both physical and spiritual are the expression of Infinite Spirit” and “We affirm that a correct understanding of such expression and living in accordance therewith constitute true religion.” Let us allow nature to be our teacher, and our human ability to reason and rationalize to quiet as our faith grows.

Natural Law has never asked permission to operate. It just does. The flowers generate, grass grows green, and flora and fauna flourish. While we might have a hand in how these things occur, and we enjoy in their beauty, Natural Law has been and continues to govern all things. This realization might help us in these challenging times. Although facing a tremendously tough time in our lives that feels isolating and separating, we have an opportunity to participate in a vital and invigorating part of Natural Law: we have time to repose.

I am working on my own resolve to allow Natural Law to be my teacher while I am properly sheltering in place to care for my loved ones and yours. As a spiritual being, it is difficult not to high five strangers, hug my friends, and kiss those I love so dearly, but I care enough about my loved ones and yours to take this time to repose.

Our lives have relied so heavily on the touch and feel of our friends and loved ones; yet, let us not forget how we share links and relationships with our loved one in spirit each week without physicality. We find solace in the connection we have with our loved ones from the spirit world; so, at this time, granted we might be asked to refrain from touch and feel in the physical sense, I would like to remind you that we are all energy and we can share love and connection to those who are here with us in the same way that we do with those in spirit. Natural Law allows it, and we are a part of it.

As your Pastor, I hope you know that we are all seeking a collective understanding of the lessons being taught at these times. While I might suggest some of the lessons, I have always been clear in my role: I don’t have all the answers. The answers do not lie in just me or just you; they lie in our collective experience. So, while we try to understand these times, I hope that we can all find answers within our own spiritual understanding. 

As today strikes our third consecutive non-physical church service, we hope that you have enjoyed our efforts to provide spiritual experiences through my recent letter, our recent healing night and lecture by Laura Dominick, or Gurdeep’s meditation. In the days ahead, our leadership team will continue to create opportunities to gather together remotely to maintain and build upon our spiritual growth. So, please bear with us, and continue to check in on our website as we work toward providing you more and more content in the days ahead.

We can do this. I believe we will find the light in the trying times and will, ultimately, come back together not only with a warm embrace, but also with a new found depth of our spirituality. I look forward to sharing that moment with you, and until then, I send you nothing but love.


Rev. Jason McCuish