Energy Matters Expo: Canceled

Energy Matters Healing & Empowerment

EXPO ~ 2020

Sponsored by The Swampscott Church of Spiritualism in support of our Fuel Drive.

New Date to be determined 

Please join Julie Griffin & Fred Macdonald as they take us on a journey for
Inner Peace, Creativity & Healing

The cost for the 10 session series is  $95 ~ Individual seminars are $20 each

* Previous donors to the fuel drive may attend 1 session for every $25 donated


Friday,     3/13/20   6:15 ~ 7:30 PM Millionaire Mindset & Growing Rich
Friday,     3/13/20   7:45 ~ 9:15 PM Unleashing Your Creative Genius
Saturday, 3/14/20   9:30 ~ 10:15 AM Freditations: Meditations from Spirit
Saturday, 3/14/20   10:30 ~ 11:15 AM Accessing Your God Self
Saturday, 3/14/20   11:30 ~ 12:15 PM Inner Ecstacy: Releasing Physical & Emotional Pain
                     12:15 ~ 1:00 PM Vegan Bag Lunch (Optional, $5)
Saturday, 3/14/20   1:00 ~ 2:15 PM Unlocking Human Potential
Saturday, 3/14/20   2:30 ~ 4:00 PM Mega Healing
Saturday, 3/14/20   4:15 ~ 5:30 PM Blast-Off! Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Sunday,   3/15/20     1:00 ~ 1:45 PM Energy Matters Keynote Presentation
Sunday,   3/15/20     2:00 ~ 4:30 PM Introduction to the Vegan Lifestyle
Sunday,   3/15/20     2:00 ~ 4:30 PM Down-Home Vegan Taste Tests

Open only to Energy Matters & Vegan Lifestyle Participants

Read more details about each of the seminars: THE-ENERGY-MATTERS-EXPO


Julie Griffin, BCH is a retired, international instructor of clinical and medical hypnosis. For over two decades, she directed The Hypnotherapy Training Company and the International Center for Hypnosis Education & Research. She’s written twelve hypnotherapy books, two novels and dozens of articles and audio programs. In her retirement, Julie is an artist, a writer and a dedicated vegan advocate.

Fred Macdonald is an inspiring meditation leader and commissioned healer. He’s currently completing his first book, Freditations: Meditations from Spirit, and writing his next book, Vegan Thoughts. He’s an avid cyclist, a long time vegan advocate and is a Trustee on the Board of the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism.