History of Black Spiritualists – Feb 25th

Black Spiritualists and the Spiritualist Religion

in the

19th & early 20th Centuries

February 25, 2018 1:00 -4:00
$30 Members/$40 Non-Members

The Black Spiritualists in the 19th century led the nation in the fight against slavery as leaders in America’s Second Revolution. Each of the four Spiritualists highlighted, published seminal works which impacted Abolition, Women’s Suffrage, Desegregation of education and transportation, and policy and beliefs of Spiritualism.

Come to this workshop, led by Rev. Robin Reale, and get a feel for their footsteps as they were guided by Spirit and as they fought for their own freedom at a time when kidnappers and slave owners were hovering to shackle them into quiet servitude.


Rev. Robin Reale

Rev. Robin Reale, PhD (ABD) Special Education Policy, is an ordained Spiritualist Minister through the Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale, NY. Rev. Robin serves Spiritualist churches throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.   November 1, 2000 was dedicated Robin Reale Day in Massachusetts following receipt of the prestigious Eugene Rooney Public Service Award for excellence in teaching & training. She served in Peace Corps Chad and Senegal, and consulted in Lithuania to rebuild the education system after communism.