Profiles in Healing – Starts Sept 17

~Profiles in Healing~

Join us for a six session course that profiles healers and healing movements across the globe and in our own backyard.  Most classes will include a movie or presentation about a healer or type of healing that has been helpful to many, or will spark conversation regarding healing experiences and ethics which we can use to compare and contrast with what we do as Spiritualist healers.  Some classes will allow for time for Hands –on healing practice at the end.

Some of the people or topics that may be discussed are: Edgar Cayce, John of God, Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction, Harry Edwards, Louise Hay-You Can Heal Your Life, The Celestine Prophecy, Twin Hearts Meditation and Exercises, Reiki and Yoga.

See April Codair with questions.

Cost:  $75 for Members and $100 for non-members.

When:  Sundays 1-3pm








To Register:  Please sign up in Simpson Hall or call 781 – 595 – 6972.