Beginner’s Yoga – Starting Sept 16

Beginner’s Yoga

Taught by

Gurdeep Bhogal & Marilyn Regan

Yoga is a harmonizing meditative practice to realign the body, mind and spirit.  We are offering a 6 week beginners series for those new to Yoga, to learn the basic asanas (physical poses) and breath-work, in preparation for regular all level Vinyasa yoga classes.
In a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class, students coordinate movement with breath, to flow from one physical pose to the next.  The movement sequences include opening up the whole body through the 6 ranges of motion, stretching and strengthening the muscles.  Students will have an opportunity to learn basic foundational Asanas (poses) such as Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Downward facing Dog, as well as many others.
When:  Saturdays, Sept 16 through Oct 28 (not held on Oct 21)
Time:  12:30pm – 1:30pm
Cost:  75$ for Members / $100 for Non-Members
To Register:  Sign up in Simpson Hall, send an e-mail to or, call 781-595-6972.