Akashic Records with Metatron – Aug 27

This workshop will be held on Aug 27th (it was originally posted as Aug 20th)

Explore Your Akashic Records


Archangel Metatron


Please Join Us for an Instructive & Enlightening Workshop

led by

Kristin Bredimus

Sunday, August 27th 2017 

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

~ $40 for Members ~ $50 for Non Members ~

Some spiritual schools of thought believe that before we incarnate we consult with an angel, determining what knowledge we want to gain from our human experience.  Archangel Metatron is the celestial scribe known as Enoch, the scribe of judgment, as he was known before he transcended.

In this workshop you will be guided to connect with Metatron and access the Library of the Akashic records in order to access information in the book of your life. By contemplating the knowledge you endeavor to receive, you may gain a higher perspective of the trials and tribulations of your life. If the knowledge has been acquired, you will have the opportunity to rewrite the emphasis of your future learning, redirecting your experience so that it serves your highest good.

Participants will have the opportunity to access records of past lives to illuminate patterns that have carried over in this lifetime.

Kristin will guide you to:

®  Relax the body and still the mind

®  Cultivate a belief that it is possible to access the information of the Universe

®  Connect to the Library of the Akashic records with the aid of Metatron

®  Edit your present life plan in order to maximize your joy and prosperities

KristinKristin Bredimus has run several very successful workshops at SCOS.  In addition to her career in the arts and as an active humanitarian, in 2014 she decided to embark on a spiritual journey, manifesting her calling as a medium and healer.  Certified at the College of Psychic Studies as an Angel Consultant and the School of Intuition & Healing as a certified Spiritual Counselor, she continues to expand her knowledge of the Universe. Kristin is available for readings, healing and one-to-one mentoring through Labor Day weekend.  Visit kristinbredimus.com for more information about working with Kristin.

 Call the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism, (781) 595-6972 or sign up in Simpson Hall.