Are You a Psychic, a Medium, Both?

Are You a Psychic, a Medium, or Both?

 Please join us for a fun-filled day that will be instructive, enlightening & full of surprises!

 Date:  Sunday, April 30th

Time:  1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Cost:   $40 for Members ~ $50 for Non Members ~

Register:  Please call the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism at (781) 595-6972 or sign up in Simpson Hall.

We are all psychic to some degree. Being psychic is often referred to as a sixth sense.  Have you ever had a feeling about something before it happened or know when the phone is about to ring & even who is calling?  Perhaps you’ve telepathically linked with someone & finished each other’s sentences, or have the same thought at the same time?  Maybe you’ve sensed when someone is in distress & call or show up at the moment they need you most.  Or you’ve experienced precognition & “knew” something was going to happen or to be someplace or do something….. These are all examples of psychic intelligence.

In this 2-part workshop Oshada will explain the differences between being a psychic and being a medium. She will teach us how to enhance our psychic power and she will use her guides to help us discover our talents, as well as which to pursue.  She will guide the group in a variety of exercises designed to open our psychic centers and help us explore various psychic abilities to determine which ones work best.  In the second part of the workshop we will follow the progression of using our psychic abilities to allow spirits to work through our psyches to communicate with the spirit side of life.  At the end of the day we will have a clear understanding of our strengths and weakness, and how to improve upon them. Chances are if you’re drawn to this workshop you may already have mediumistic abilities.

About Oshada:  Janet “OSHADA” Jagodzinski is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Certified Medium and Commissioned Healer through the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches. As a child Oshada was intuitive and aware of a spiritual life that that went beyond what the human eye could see.  She had extra-ordinary experiences that changed the course of her life.

In 1979 she came to the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism and began to unfold her mediumistic abilities. She did so with the guidance of teachers both here, on the earth plane, as well as those from the spirit plane.  Since 1980 she has been serving the public, both within the Spiritualist Community and through private practice.  Oshada has had the privilege to study and work with some of the great mediums of our time. Working nationally and internationally, she offers classes, workshops, public demonstrations, spiritual consultations and private readings.