Grief & The Spirit World – Dec 3rd

Grief and The Spirit World

Join Oshada as she facilitates an afternoon of spiritual understanding of grief, healing, and the communication that still exists between you and your loved ones on the spirit side of life.

Regardless of our understanding of the spirit world and the knowledge that life continues after the change called Death, the physical separation from a loved one is painful and challenging. We would have a difficult time coping if our loved one moved to the other side of the world, let alone to a completely different world. Without their cellphone or a forwarding address, we would be bereft. We would want to know how to contact them. We would want to know how they would be able to contact us. We would have a long list of questions.

In this workshop, we will:

  • explore what happens when the silver cord that connects our physical body to our spiritual body is severed
  • discuss grief and the physical separation from those we love
  • participate in some psychic exercises to prepare us for our meditative journey
  • experience healing through an inspired guided meditation

In addition, Oshada’s guides will work through her to create a safe and healing environment where you will have the opporunity to experience firsthand a visit with someone you love. There are no guarantees of who you will visit with, but no one has ever been disappointed with who they’ve had the opportunity to spend time with.

Oshada is a Certified Medium and Commissioned Healer through the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches.  Since 1980 she has been serving the public, both through the Spiritualist Community and through her private practice.  She has worked in England, Wales, Norway, and Sweden providing workshops as well as public & private mediumship readings and healing sessions.  She trains mediums and teaches Development Circles for Spiritualist Churches and the public at her office in Acton, MA.  Oshada also participates in public demonstrations at Spiritualist Churches throughout the year.

Where:  Swampscott Church of Spiritualism, 59 Burrill St, Swampscott

When:  11:00 – 2:00, Saturday, December 3rd

Register: Sign-up in Simpson Hall or call 781-595-6972 and leave a message

Cost:  $40 for members, $50 for non-members