Sunday Services – Update

Dear Members and Friends of The Swampscott Church of Spiritualism:

We want to update you about the status of re-opening our Church.  As you’ll read in Reverend Jason McCuish’s letter posted on May 24th 2020, he and the Board of Trustees have assessed the required guidelines and determined that it is not feasible for us to re-open at this time.  We are following the State’s guidelines and safety precautions, released this week, and are working in coordination with the Town of Swampscott to make sure we are prepared and can properly handle a re-opening that ensures the safety and well-being of our congregation.  We will continue to update you as we move forward.

In the meantime,  we will continue to provide on-line lectures and meditations for our members posted in the Members Info tab.  If you are interested in becoming a member please see the Members Info tab.


Rev. Jason and the Board of Trustees

First-timers to our church are often surprised to find that aspects of our services are very similar to church services they grew up attending–like greeting your neighbors when you arrive, being led in prayers, singing hymns, or hearing a lecture on a topic of spiritual significance.

And then there are those parts of the service that indeed set us apart, and fill every Sunday morning with modern-day miracles:

Meditation, Healing and Spirit Communication

Meditation: Each week, the meditation leader guides the congregation on an other-worldly journey to begin the process of relaxation and healing. Sometimes it’s chakra (the energy body) cleansing, healing and energizing; sometimes we’re guided on mystical journeys to meet our Spirit guides or loved ones now in the Spirit realm; and sometimes it’s just about finding our center and “being fully present” in mind, body and spirit.

Hands-on-Healing can be received from those who are channels for Divine energy* who stand behind chairs.  Members of the congregation sit in the chairs, close their eyes and the healer places his/her hands on the sitter’s head and shoulders. When it’s your turn, you will feel the gentle Divine energy flow through your body, healing, soothing, and cleansing.

Messages from Spirit: In the mediumship portion of the service, the Message Medium will bring short (2-3 minute) messages to various people throughout the congregation. The medium’s first task is to help the receiver of the message identify who the Spirit is through specific, evidential information connected with the Spirit; then a message of love, support and guidance typically follows. It’s an exciting and often touching experience to observe the energetic connection happening between the Medium, the loved one in Spirit and recipient of the message.

The Principles that describe and define the philosophy, science, and religious aspects of Spiritualism, and guide us in our daily lives, can be found in “What is Spiritualism.”

A typical Sunday church service flows like this: 

 Opening Hymn & Prayer

Guided Meditation

Healing Prayer & Hymn


Instrumental or Solo



Song to Raise the Energy!

Mediumship / Spirit Communication

Closing Hymn and Prayer

We’re a friendly bunch, so please come and see for yourself what makes Spiritualism and our church so special!