New Classes – Jan 2015

Are you interested in developing your innate abilities as a Spiritual healer or medium? If so, registration will be open soon for a variety of classes:

Chakra Study Group

This course is designed to develop an understanding of the chakra system and the role it plays in our day to day lives. Participants will learn about the seven major chakras of the energy body and how they influence an individual’s being in the world and his or her overall sense of well-being.

Introduction to Spiritualist Healing

This course is designed to introduce participants to the fundamentals of healing. It will focus on the laying on of hands healing and other healing modalities used in today’s society.

Intermediate Development Circle

The development circle will offer participants the opportunity to sit with a mixed group of individuals at different stages of development. Students will gain a better insight into the facilitation of circle, the natural laws which govern mediumship and begin working on the craft of mediumship. Participants will also begin working on platform mediumship and public demonstration skills.

Introduction to Philosophy of Spiritualism

This course is designed to engage participants* in a conversation about the Philosophy, Science and Religion of Spiritualism. Through close examination of the Principles, discussion about the history of Spiritualism and the beliefs shared among Spiritualists, participants will come to better understand Spiritualist thinking of today and yesteryears.

Introduction to Mediumship

This course is designed to introduce participants to all of the fundamentals of Mediumship. Since this is a beginner’s course, it will focus on the education and understanding it takes to be a Spiritualist Medium. Completion of this course will lead to Mediumship Level Two.

Mediumship Level Two

 This course is designed to build on the fundamentals taught in the Introduction to Mediumship class. It will focus on the practice and demonstration of mediumship, giving private readings, sitting in mediumship development circles. We will also delve deeper into the principles of Spiritualism, and the practices of a Spiritualist Medium. After completion of this course, students may be recommended for participation in the Intermediate Development Circle.