So, what sets apart a Spiritualist church service?

Well, a lot of things, actually, but there are three aspects of our services which are distinctive, each of them aspects of healing for self and others:

Meditation, Healing and Spirit Communication via Mediumship

  • Meditation: Each week, the meditation leader guides the congregation on an other-worldly journey to begin the process of relaxation and healing.
  • Hands-on-Healing can be received from those who are channels for Divine energy.* You will feel the gentle healing energy flow through your body. Ahhh…yeah, it’s good.
  • Messages from Spirit: In the mediumship portion of the service, the Message Medium will bring short (2-3 minute) messages to various people throughout the congregation. It doesn’t matter how many times you experience it, it always feels like a miracle!

*a.k.a people in our congregation who have chosen the path of energy healer

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